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What do you get when you cross a grapefruit, a video-sharing site, and the cutest musical couple since Conor and Maria?
You get San Francisco-based duo Pomplamoose, also known as Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn.

I've recently discovered this wonderful pair through the jubiliant joyfulness that is Julia Nunes. They're currently producing her upcoming album, so, I figured I'd check out their credentials, and, boy was I pleasantly surprised!

I haven't done a music review in two or so years (see my last.fm profile), and I don't intend on doing one right now. All I want to say is that Pomplamoose are perhaps the best of the 'home studio' groups of this generation. Sure, a lot of bands have started in home studios and turned out to be marvellous, but, this has a saccharine sweetness that a lot of modern groups seem to miss - it's all grit and no heart; or it's all heart and no mush.

What can I say? I like my music cheery, and this ticks all the boxes. Nataly's vocals are like a young Regina Spektor, but, in acapella form! And Jack's many-faceted musical talents are just a joy to listen to (and watch). I've seen acoustic guitars, hammond organs, drums, hands, accordions; even a toy piano, a la Peanuts.
And what's more, the more you watch, the more down to earth they become with each heartfelt thankyou to people who pay attention to their work; to people who support their music; to their fans.

You can find Pomplamoose at


And on that note. I'm going to leave you with one of those 'hit or miss' style songs they posted to Youtube back in October '08. It doesn't exactly showcase all those lovely instruments that Jack Conte is capable of playing, but, this is more beauty over anything.


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