A Note From The Editor: Indefinite Hiatus

2010-01-18 | |

This weekend I was going to take some time and continue on with the Introductions Series, looking at alt-folk from Neutral Milk Hotel, through Beirut and Devotchka, back to A Hawk and a Hacksaw.

Instead, I seem to have been snowed under with other commitments in my life, like my course, finding an actual job, and generally enjoying what time I have left in this country. As much as I love this blog, and I love my music, something had to give - it couldn't be the course; it couldn't be my lifestyle; so, it was this blog.

As of now, The Retrospective Review is taking an indefinite hiatus. There will be no posts on this blog as of today, though I will be maintaining my personal blog.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you'll come back whenever I find the time to start this up properly.

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