The Big Move: RR Goes to Tumblr

2010-07-25 | |

The internet has certainly moved on since I first used it. Back in the day, the best you could hope for was a forum over at InvisionFree. In fact, they were all the rage in my youth. That followed with LiveJournal, and WordPress. By the time I set up the RR, Blogger seemed to be the obvious, logical choice. Now, however, with the general ease-and-simplicity of Tumblr, it makes more sense to change up and move over there.

The move started earlier this past week. In fact, there are already two new reviews up (Delorean's Subiza, and Bombay Bicycle Club's Flaws) as well as a look at the Mercury Prize nominations.

From here on, the RR will try to be a little bit more professional in its approach to reviewing. So much so that I've started seeking out new writers, to give the place less of a bias when it comes to what we review and what we ignore. I'm also looking out for any bands who are tinkering with demos and such, and think a review may do them some good - and while places like PopJustice and Pitchfork may throw lame attempts in the bin, we'll take what soliciting we can.

I'm also hoping, with the added 'staff', we can come to some sort of regularity in terms of reviews, editorials, and such. I'm considering digging up the Introductions again - since I had fun with the TripHop guide, but then University got the better of me. All I can say is "Watch this space"...well...that space.

That all said and done, you can now find The RR at:

Update your newsfeeds, and enjoy. We're back on the road!

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