Editorial: 'Classic' Album Covers become Collectable Stamps

2010-01-07 | |

Today I awoke to the news that the Royal Mail have released music-based stamps. Those sneaky beggers slipped under my radar and released a set of stamps based on album covers from the last 50 years (it would seem). With covers from Coldplay's A Rush of Blood To The Head through Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, via London's Calling and Tubular Bells it covers a wide swathe of what can only be described as popular rock-and-roll in the last half century.

More shocking than the fact I only heard of this literally a few hours ago, is the fact that the Queen herself approved of all of them. Does this mean she's a closet Blur fan, with Parklife in amongst the fray. Either that, or, what they mean by 'royal approval from the Queen herself' is more like a wave of the hand saying "Yes, dear, go make some more stamps. One has a country to run." - personally, I prefer the first image; HRH the Queen rocking out to Pink Floyd, as she artistically selects The Division Bell's cover from their back catalogue to feature in this list.

So with this news out there, click the image below to be taken to the Royal Mail website where you can spend a silly amount to own a few stamps with pictures of album covers on them!

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