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It seems that all I'm doing lately is reviewing EPs, but that's the way it is right now. It's only just 2010, and I've not found an album to interest me, only the odd EP. This time round, it's a favourite of mine, Race Horses (formerly Radio Luxembourg) with their four track Man in my Mind.

As Radio Luxembourg, when they appeared on Welsh music programme Bandit, I can admit I was in love with these guys. I've never heard such amazing songs come from the Welsh medium; the closest I've got was The Poppies a few years ago, and even they pale in comparison to the synthetic pop that was presented by these boys. (Yes, that was meant to be a pun...synthetic...drugs...psychadelia...what all the media outlets say about these boys).

Anyway, Man on my Mind is the follow-up EP to Diwrnod efo'r Anifeiliad...or at least it would be if the preceding EP wasn't in Welsh under their guise of Radio Luxembourg, and this one is in English to come before their album due at the end of this month. It's not a long EP, it's a filler in all honesty. Still, open mind and all that.

The thing about this EP is that the title track sounds like the English successor to the old Welsh tracks I love so much from this band. It's the Henry Tudor to their original Owain Glyndwr - it's not a direct successor, but, I'd still support it. It's erratic enough to warrant being in their collection; and catchy enough too. From there, though, it all seems to be a bit up and down. Mostly down, until it throws itself off for a twee finale the likes of which is worthy of praise.

However, for an EP, it really is just that, it's a filler between projects, and right now it's a nice introduction for kids who've never heard of Race Horses before today. It's nothing special, but, neither is it so dire that you shouldn't listen to it. In fact, I'd recommend getting it just for the opener and the closer, which are both cracking songs - especially the way the closer opens with what can only be described as the theme to an 80s kids show involving puppets before blasting into something more reminiscent of The Futureheads or some such indie pop group.

Overall: 6/10 - Bearing in mind it's an EP, and making this comparative to the Fisherman's EP, it's good, but not spectacular. Still, give it a listen if you like indie pop.

Top Track Last Boat To Dove

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