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2010-01-05 | |

So it's 2010, everyone, and I've decided to start off with a true Independent album. This was recorded in the basement of a band member's house, on a lone microphone, and it is the debut EP of Chicago eight-piece Fishermans

When you see the phrase "recorded in Kevin's basement on one mic" you instantly know you're either onto a winner here or a total wash-out sham. Luckily, for the guys and gals in Fisherman's I quite enjoyed their debut.

The eponymous EP was released last May, and I've just stumbled across it in my looking for some new music to keep me entertained in this new decade. It's like a cross between a lo-fi Arcade Fire, and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin; it has that obvious DIY feel to it, but it has that nicely layered effect you get from groups in the Chamber Pop and Twee Pop world. I tapped my feet and bobbed my head along, and wondered how the hell they sounded so good; it doesn't sound autotuned, it just sounds like it says on the tin.

The best bit about it is the fact that it's free-ish. I bought it off a Amie Street, so I suppose the band are getting a fee from me; but, it's also up (as I later discovered) for free download. Who can complain about getting a rather good album, for free? I wouldn't. Especially when the songs are quite amazing for something so evidently low-budget. From a pre-apocalyptic love song in 2012 through the haunting White Oak Woods and out into the faux-noir of This Is No Time For Historical Accuracy, this is a self-done, indie album of the highest order that you deserve to hear this year.

Overall: 8/10 - For a self-done EP, it doesn't half sound good. I suppose if it had been professionally done, with all that autotuning and nonsense, it might be worthy of more, but, it's a decent first-effort for a band just starting out. I just wish I'd found it earlier.

Top Track: This Is No Time For Historical Accuracy

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